Amazing Absolute Beachfront Pool Villa

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Amazing Absolute Beachfront Pool Villa
SOLD THB50,000,000 - Multi-storey villa for sale
AG-V176 440 6 Bedrooms 7 Bathrooms

Located just 25 Km’s from Hua Hin is this very rare opportunity to find an absolute Beachfront Villa with beautiful sea views on possibly the best stretch of beach in the province.

The Villa can be either be a quaint and luxury Boutique Guesthouse with owners accommodation or an amazing 6 bedroom family home with very spacious bedrooms and open plan living and dining area that lead directly onto the pool area and sala.

This Villa is in great condition throughout and fully furnished with quality furniture. The bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms and covered balconies to sit and enjoy the views of the beach and sea as well as the mountains in the rear. There are Boutique resorts, restaurants and cafes all around and lovely tourist attractions for this central area in the South of Hua Hin and near to the Sam Roi Yod National Park.

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