Luxury Bali-Style 5 Bedroom With Pool

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Luxury Bali-Style 5 Bedroom With Pool
SOLD THB27,950,000 - Single-storey villa for sale
AG-BEHS021351484 590 5 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms 2,500

Reduced from 29,950,000

This luxury Bali-style 5 bedroom with pool home is located 5 KM SOUTH of the BluPort Shopping Mall and Hua Hin town centre a few minutes further.   Within 10 minutes or less you’ll reach the beach, Vana Nava Water Park, True Arena Fitness Club Grocery shopping and town centre.  This Beautiful home sits elegantly within the tropical paradise of the White Lotus Development, situated on Soi 116 and nestled on the hillsides with lush trees and temples exposed majestically atop. The Home provides for great functionality with 2 wings that are separated by a grand pool and covered terraces with the wings joined by a lovely covered walkway at one end and by an ornamental fish pond with floating sala. The Gardens at White Lotus Residences are highly praised, with this residence sitting in the middle of its very spacious land plot that has beautifully landscaped mature gardens on all sides.

You enter the Bali-Style 5 Bedroom With Pool Villa via a driveway that allows the house to be set back and an opportunity to show off the frontage of this well-designed home with stately pillars and a well-proportioned roof. On entering the house from the front, you walk into the main indoor living area which has, with great thought to design, been sectioned into 3 parts, living, dining, and office, all with ample space for comfortable living and entertaining. There is a separate large kitchen which leads to the outdoor terrace and is connected to maids quarters with living room and bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The covered terraces are extra wide at 5 meters which allows for an assortment of dining tables, sun loungers, and outdoor sofas with plenty of room to walk around and to open up the French doors to the living areas.

On the second wing of the property is the Bedrooms, with en-suite bathrooms and lovely views from the front, back and sides of the tropical grounds. Each bedroom is spacious and also enjoys the same wide Covered terrace. The property benefits from exceptional furniture, fixtures, and fitting and has been maintained impeccably year on year during the 7 yrs since it was constructed and lived in. The The Development itself consist of approximately 30 large Villas on large plots, with elevated positions above Soi 116 in the Hua Na area to the Southern end of Hua Hin Town with easy access to Soi 112, the large dual carriage highway from the By-pass that allows you to avoid the town centre making quicker trips to and from Bangkok and its international airport.

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