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For Sale THB300,000,000 - Multi-storey villa for sale
LAZ 98735 1724 5 Bedrooms 7 Bathrooms 4868

East Coast Oceanfront Villa, Baan Yamu, Phuket

Welcome to Villa Vikasa, a haven of abundance nestled along the pristine oceanfront of Phuket, Thailand. Embrace the enchantment of expansive spaces adorned with sheer luxury at this exotic 5-bedroom residence, where lush landscapes meet the endless expanse of the Andaman Sea and Phang Nga Bay.

Private, elegant and exquisite; The Cape is the vision of famed designer, Philippe Starck and leading architect, Jean-Michel Gathy, both of whom bring an avant-garde glamor to the naturally serene landscape of this quiet side of the island. The estate is all about luxury, with a world-class spa and award-winning gourmet restaurant, Breeze at Cape Yamu; making it a perfect retreat for those looking for privacy, magnificent views out to the sea, and villa stays that exceed all expectations.

Indulge in the mesmerizing vistas that unfold from this beachfront abode, offering breathtaking panoramas of the azure waters that stretch as far as the eye can behold. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the terrace and garden, where the symphony of waves serenades you, accompanied by the gentle caress of the cool sea breeze. The villa’s well-maintained pool and meticulously landscaped garden, adorned with subtle hues and soft lighting, embody a class of sophistication that defines every aspect of this magnificent property.

Nestled within the exclusive estate of Cape Yamu on Phuket’s eastern coast, Villa Vikasa invites you to step into a fairytale existence. A grand entrance adorned with chiseled steps crafted from pristine white stone welcomes you into this sanctuary. The pentagonal-profile hall, tastefully furnished, opens up to reveal an expansive view of the awe-inspiring Phang Nga Bay.

Indulge in the generous indoor and outdoor seating arrangements, adorned with plush sofas and couches. The minimalist interior decor, complemented by soft colors, seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The lofty ceilings amplify the sense of space, while elegant chandeliers bestow an additional touch of refinement to the overall aesthetic.

Reflecting its Sanskrit namesake, “Vikasa,” meaning radiance, every facet of this villa exudes luminosity. The five bedrooms, each offering remarkable views of the sea, bay, garden, or pool, beckon you to experience true splendor. One of the bedrooms, designed in bungalow style, sits just a few meters from the main villa, offering an intimate view of the bay and an open terrace for four.

A contemporary American kitchen, equipped with modern appliances, invites culinary delights, complemented by the services of your private chef. Enjoy a festive breakfast or lunch before embarking on your day, and savor dinner on the terrace or the covered sala, featuring a dining table for eight. Alternatively, explore the delectable European or Thai cuisine offered by nearby estate restaurants.

For indoor enthusiasts, the entertainment area boasts a pool table, ping-pong table, bar with stools, and an array of games. The villa’s pièce de résistance is its sparkling infinity swimming pool, spanning the villa’s width and surrounded by sunbeds, a lounge area, covered sala, outdoor shower, and an attached bar. From here, step into the garden area, complete with a football net.

Cap off your day with an in-room massage or rejuvenate in the outdoor Jacuzzi, soaking in unparalleled views of the merging sea and sky. Crafted with the vision of providing an exclusive retreat bathed in warmth and luxury, Villa Vikasa ensures that every moment becomes an indelible memory.

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