Captivating Seaside Opulence in Phuket: Villa Bauhinia

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Captivating Seaside Opulence in Phuket: Villa Bauhinia
For Sale THB92,000,000 - Multi-storey villa for sale
LAZ80297 1000 5 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms 1000

Perched in a serene locale, commanding panoramic views of Layan Beach and the sprawling Bang Tao Bay, Villa Bauhinia stands as a testament to refined luxury. This remarkable pool villa boasts an alluring sea view, crowned by stunning sunset panoramas. Designed in a contemporary Asian architectural style, the residence spans two levels, offering abundant space and five lavishly appointed ensuite double bedrooms.

Nestled in an idyllic corner of Phuket, this location embraces a tranquil ambiance, harmoniously merging with its tropical surroundings. Bang Tao Bay and the picturesque Layan Beach lie in close proximity, showcasing not only Phuket’s resplendent coastal allure but also an array of exquisite dining options. From quaint seaside eateries to Phuket’s sole Michelin-starred culinary haven, a plethora of world-class restaurants await within a mere 10-minute drive.

Originally crafted in 2010, this pristine property has been meticulously maintained, exuding an aura of novelty that rivals its initial construction. The owners’ impeccable care, coupled with the developer’s discerning choice of robust, low-maintenance materials, have ensured that the villa remains in pristine condition, akin to a newly minted masterpiece.

Villa Bauhinia unveils its grandeur across two expansive levels, each suffused with natural light and airy elegance. The villa’s soaring vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling bi-fold glass doors create an ethereal atmosphere, effortlessly merging the interior and exterior spaces. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding beauty, this architectural marvel enables its residents to relish breathtaking vistas and gentle sea breezes with uninterrupted harmony.

The upper level, elegantly forming a “U” shape, serves as the primary living area for the discerning owners, embodying all the essentials of daily life. Each room revolves around the 15-meter infinity-edge swimming pool, which gracefully converges with the enchanting seascape beyond. A spacious living area welcomes visitors upon entering, accompanied by adjacent formal and informal dining spaces.

The fully equipped, stylish kitchen, replete with modern appliances and ample storage, is adorned with a chic breakfast bar—a sanctuary where culinary delights can be crafted with ease and finesse.

The middle section of the villa reveals a generously proportioned living space that seamlessly transitions to the sand wash pool terrace. Beyond lies an open-plan study area, featuring two expansive desks that offer a serene setting for a productive office environment.

The palatial master bedroom boasts a captivating sequence of spaces. From a sea-view balcony to a private living and TV area, this suite embodies opulence at its finest. Further within lies an immense en-suite bathroom, complete with a bathtub, double sinks, and twin showers, ensuring unparalleled indulgence and relaxation.

Descending to the lower level, one encounters four additional ample en-suite bedrooms. Presently, one of these rooms has been transformed into a haven for fitness and wellness enthusiasts, while an adjacent TV and games lounge room can effortlessly be converted into a sixth bedroom should the need arise.

Beyond its striking aesthetics, Villa Bauhinia stands as a testament to meticulous care and upkeep. The estate boasts a proven rental management scheme, offering enticing rental prospects to any prospective owner. Although never rented out, this caliber of property is in high demand within the market.

Ownership of this exceptional villa follows a protected BVI leasehold structure, providing a secure framework for buyers. In essence, villa owners within the estate retain control over the Thai Company holding the land in freehold, ensuring hassle-free renewals for generations to come.

Unveiling unparalleled accessibility to Phuket’s finest offerings, this location ensures easy reach to an abundance of premier amenities. A vast array of grocery stores and shopping malls lie within effortless grasp, while Thailand’s most esteemed dining establishments and bars are a mere 5 to 10 minutes away. Trendy beach clubs beckon in proximity to the villa, granting effortless enjoyment, all a mere 20 minutes from the bustling Phuket International Airport.

Villa Bauhinia, an unrivaled embodiment of seaside grandeur, offers a resplendent haven where contemporary design converges harmoniously with the splendor of nature. Experience the pinnacle of luxury living amidst a tranquil tropical paradise.

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